I cannot tell a lie and those who know me best would bust me even if I tried so what’s the use?  In some things I am OCD organized but in other areas I have come to terms with the fact that I am what I am and I just have to deal with it.  None of us are perfect right?  Keeping up with my Christmas cards from year to year was a challenge for most of my life.  Couple that with the fact that I buy my cards after Christmas for the following year and it presented an even bigger dilemma when it’s time to send cards the following year.  My husband used to make me nuts because as soon as the first card came in he wanted to start sending.  My guy is a process guy but I am an event girl.  What????  LOL.  He is the kind of guy that would get the card box and write out a card a day and walk it to the mailbox.  I, on the other hand make an event out of those tasks.  I sit down and do all of the cards at once.  I may fill in with a straggler here or there but for the most part I want to cross those tasks off my to-do list and move on to another event.  He would tear the addresses off of the cards and then I would have to keep up with them.  Oh noooooo.  About 6 years ago I decided to try something new.  It might not be the best answer for everyone but when I shared it with Renee and Cathy they thought it was worth making a gift so here goes.  

When we get our cards I make a list.  When I pack up all of the Christmas decorations I now put my list and new after Christmas massively discounted cards for the following year in the box with the Christmas tree.  If you don’t have an artificial tree then just choose a box that you know you’ll be opening next year.  You could use your wreath box or whatever you store your tree lights in.  The important thing is to choose something where you can put it on top and easy to find.  I slip my list in the new box of cards and when I break out the decorations next year they are right there on top, ready to write.  It works for me.  In fact, it works so well that HE now addresses most of our cards.  Woo Hoo.  Disclaimer:  No promises that your husband will help with the cards but IF he asks, you’ll be able to hand it over in record time.  

All that to say, our Advent Day 23 gift is a printable list to help you keep track of your holiday cards.  Cathy made these with Merry Christmas by Prairie Song Scraps in two styles.   You get them both!  Use these and you’ll NEVER have to hunt for that list again.

Merry Christmas!

Countdown To Christmas