When I joined my first creative team about 8 years ago things were very different.  Aside from being able to plop a photo on a page I had no idea what being a CT meant.  I didn’t know what to do.  I relied on my team members to hold my hand and coach me along.  The process was overwhelming but I forged forward enthusiastically and eventually got my “wings”.  Back then, there was no social media.  No Facebook posting.  No Tweeting.  No Pinning.  We posted in galleries and forums and the designers ran behind us and left us sweet comments and words of appreciation.

Most designers were in one, MAYBE two stores and their requirements were minimal.  I still remember feeling tired after only posting in 3 forums and 3 galleries.  Today, things are quite different.  Store owners are requiring more from designers.  Designers are in more stores so their requirement time has cut into their design time.  Water, and requests both roll down to the people who are willing to give a little extra.

Almost everything about this business has changed in the last 5 years.  That is, except for the CT process.

Imagine being able to choose the kits you want to work with from a variety of designers.  You pick your colors and style and simply pass those that don’t appeal to you and move on to the next.  Imagine being part of our founding group and having a voice in what creative team members really care about.  Imagine being a big sister to a brand new CT member and helping them learn the ropes, or maybe you’re still wanting to learn.

We are currently taking applications for several positions ranging from layout artist to social media manager.  Want to be a guest blogger?  Want to learn to create marketing campaigns?  Maybe you’d like to load products or make ads.  We’re looking for advanced team members who want to help us build an efficient system to create an industry standard for creative team members, designers and even store owners.  If you’re a go-getter with an enthusiastic attitude and want to be part of a winning team, let’s talk.

Complete The CT Application Here and one of our team leaders will contact you within 48 hours.

Happy CT’ing!